We are the RAMP

an ultra-modern approach to data readiness powering customer experience


Provide the Ramp for reducing time to insights

and deliver a solution that is like no other in the marketplace

An omni-channel data readiness solution that can be deployed in a client’s private cloud within 24 hours that is faster, better, cheaper

Customer Success

Global Health Insurance Provider
WIth time to insights reduced by 85%, the marketing team was able to evolve personalization use cases across channels through the rapid ability to identify a consumer that had already interacted with their brand recently and continue the conversation.
Brick & Mortar Gift Retailer
By reducing manual labor by 70% and a newfound ownership of their customer data this retailer was able to speed up changes and additions to source data by 3 times allowing them to rapidly test and learn from new data points and consumer interactions across all of their marketing channels.


How it works

Foreign Character Replacement
Name Parsing & Validation
Phone & Email Standardization
Hierarchical Email ID Assignment
Personal Email, Family Email & Email
CASS Standardization & Certification
National Change of Address
Terrestrial ID Assignment
Person, Family, & Postal
Suppression Flagging
Deceased ANA/DMA Pander, Prison, Offshore & Foreign

Winning Formula: (1) full stack of data preparation features, (2) deployment within 24 hours, and (3) patented ID assignment @ 100+ million records per hour

Areas of Impact

The best way to power downstream campaign tools is with quality data
Incomplete data sets will hender AI from seeing the full picture and recognizing quanced opportunities for personalization

The enterprise is being educated by Snowflake and Databricks
Omni-channel data readiness needs to be deployed in the client cloud

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